Centerless Grinders

Solitaire Machine Tools Ltd. produces mainly three types of Centerless Grinding Machines:


1. Solitaire No.1 Precision Centerless Grinder (4” Grinder with wheel width of 100 mm)
These grinders are designed and manufactured according to international standards and are made for mass production of small components like pins, bushes, needles, medical implements, crank pins, pistons, motor shafts and cutting tools.


2. Solitaire No.2 Precision Centerless Grinder (8” and 10” Grinder with wheel width of 200 mm and 250 mm)
These offer precision, simplicity in operation, reliability, rigidity & cost efficiency and are designed to be a workhorse for the long haul. Solitaire Centerless Grinders are manufactured to international standards with technology from Cincinnati Milacron, USA.


3. Solitaire No.3 Precision Centerless Grinder (20” Grinder with wheel width of 500 mm)
The grinders are offered with advanced CNC versions utilizing Siemens Controls and supporting from 1 to 7 axes of controls. Optionally, SMTL also designs customized loading / unloading systems for complete automation of the grinding process.