Four-Axis CNC Grinder Controls

Solitaire Four-Axis CNC Grinder Controls

  • Solitaire has developed one of the most user friendly controls dedicated to Centerless Grinding application. The controls are operated by Siemens 802D SL CNC controller with Siemens hardware.
  • The software is provided for Thrufeed and Infeed to allow flexibility of the operations. It is user friendly operator Interface Monitor¬† with easy to work with software.¬† Simple G Code driven software.
  • The software is easily Programmable to generate steps, tapers, radii and crown on grinding wheel and can be customized to suit application.
  • The software can be integrated with various CNC options and customized to suit different applications.¬† A stand-alone enclosure is provided for the controls which can be installed on new or used grinders.
  • In case of used grinders, Solitaire can also rebuild your infeed and dresser slides prior to installation of attachment to ensure optimum performance.
  • Siemens AC Digital Brushless Servo Motor is assembled with Alpha Germany Precision Gear Box of 10:1 ratio however other gear ratios are available for different applications.
  • The axes are operated with the help of Precision Ground Ball Screws with Preloaded Zero Backlash Nut Assembly.
  • The infeed program allows load, rough, semi finish and finish diameter set up with individual feed rate for each step of the way in each grinding cycle. The spark out time, load time and dwell time after rough grinding can be programmed and can be set up for single or auto cycle.



  • This axis controls the infeed slide movement for grinding cycle.
  • The operator can set feed rate for grinding.
  • Three different feed rate and diameters are possible in each grinding cycle, namely rough grind, semi finish grind, and finish grind.
  • The dwell time for loading and spark out can also be programmed.
  • The infeed side can be compensated for size adjustment in the increment of 0.001 mm or one micron. The compensation can be done manually or automatically as provided for the grinder.


  • The grinder will be equipped with 2 axis CNC grinding wheel dresser.
  • Precision frictionless roller slides will be installed for traverse axis (Y axis) and honed housing and precision ground quill assembly for accurate advance of diamond (Z axis).
  • There axis will be integrated with servo infeed assembly and other CNC options. Dress compensation provided in case of integration with servo infeed attachment. The compensation can be done manually or automatically as provided for the grinder.


  • The regulating wheel drive will be integrated with servo infeed attachment through the controller.
  • Different speeds can be programmed for rough grind, semi finish grind and finish grind in the same grinding cycle.
  • By varying speed while grinding improves the surface finish and roundness of the component.
  • The speeds can be changed in increment of 1 rpm.
  • Sometime the component may be slightly bent and in such case a low pre grind off the bent condition without loading up the wheel or getting burn marks on the component.