SMT No.3 Grinder – Design

Solitaire No.3 Precision Centerless Grinders
20” Grinder with wheel width of 500 mm


New No. 3 Grinders are built for quality, maintainability and precision. The rugged base casting makes a vibration free grinding even with 75 HP motor. The complete CNC ensures minimal hydraulics and fewer components in machine to attain high reliability. Hydrodynamic, self centering grinding wheel supported at both ends remain consistent under varying load.


Design Highlights

  • The Grinder is built with rugged and stress relieved casting
  • The grinding wheel and regulating wheel spindles are supported at both ends to take heavy grinding load and still ensure size consistency
  • The grinder can be used with thrufeed or infeed setup
  • The grinder has 5 AXIS CNC Siemens controls :
X-Axis for infeed cycle
Y-Axis for diamond dressing across the wheel width
Z-Axis for diamond advance for grinding wheel dressing
R-Axis for Servo Drive for regulating wheel spindle
  • Y-Axis and Z-Axis are interpolated to generate profile like steps, taper, radii and other complex profiles
  • The programming is done by inserting real value
  • The customized software has various safety related interlocks to meet Poka Yoke standards
  • X-Axis and Y-Axis sides are moving with precision linear needle roller guideways and are practically friction free
  • The Regulating wheel dresser is equipped with geared motor drive and the diamond traverse axis is equipped with liner slides and ball screw for smooth dressing of regulating wheel
  • The grinder is equipped with simple external hydraulic power pack for spindle lubrication with pressure switch interlocks