Servo Drive For Regulating Wheel

Solitaire Servo Drive For Regulating Wheel

  • Provides Direct Drive from Servo Motor to Regulating Wheel Spindle
  • Eliminates all mechanical components like Chain, sprocket, belt, pulleys, transmission and electric motor
  • AC Digital Brushless Servo Motor and Drive
  • An angle reduction gear box of 5 :1 ratio is coupled to Servo Motor to give optimum torque
  • The regulating wheel speed can be changed from 10 to 300 rpm
  • The dressing speed of 300 rpm can be changed from normal working speed by the flip of a switch
  • The servo drive can be integrated with other CNC options
  • A stand-alone enclosure for controls can be retrofitted in the field
  • Can be installed on new or used grinders
  • If being installed on the used grinders, it may be advantageous to rebuild the regulating wheel housing assembly at the same time to get a better life